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Vision & Genesis

The vision: Berlin's most beautiful pedestrian zone

In 2018, HGHI laid the foundation stone for the revitalisation of the 250-metre-long pedestrian zone Gorkistraße, existing since 1972, including the market hall.

"We are fascinated by the idea of completely redefining Gorkistraße as an urban shopping street and revitalizing the aging location. Our aim is to create Berlin's most beautiful pedestrian zone that can hold its own against any established shopping centre", says Harald Gerome Huth, owner and managing director of HGHI Holding GmbH.

About the project

The project is one of the first central refurbishments of a complete shopping street in Germany. The revitalization plans include a fundamentally redesigned shopping and experience world with the expansion of retail and office space. The heart of the new pedestrian zone is a completely redesigned natural stone façade with façade relief, which will be added to the existing building fabric and constructed as a new construction.

The pedestrian zone is characterised by its optimal connection to important traffic junctions. The S-Bahn station Tegel, which is within walking distance of the pedestrian zone, offers a fast connection to Zoologischer Garten, Hauptbahnhof and Potsdamer Platz. The A111 motorway also provides a direct link to the city centre. The location also impresses with a mixture of green nature and urban centre. Not far from Gorkistraße there are attractive recreational areas with the Tegeler See and Tegeler Forst, which invite you to linger.

36,000 sqm Retail space

100 Shops & brands

28,000 sqm Office space

Market hall with approx. 30 booths

320 lots car parking, 200 lots bike parking

Another important part of the project development is the redesign of the traditional market hall, which looks back on a 100-year history.

The preservation of the long-standing tradition as well as the simultaneous creation of a modern and contemporary ambience have the highest priority in the renovation measures. The market hall has been moved to the ground floor of the former Hertie house with almost all of the old tenants until its final location in the southern part of the Tegel Center. Further information on the market hall can be found here.

With Galeria (former Karstadt), Rewe, Peek & Cloppenburg, dm and many other brands, visitors will in future be offered a varied mix of products.

"We expressly welcome the HGHI building project. The comprehensive modernization and expansion of the area means a significant increase in attractiveness for the entire district. Tegel will be noticeably upgraded as a result and will in future combine the already diverse gastronomy offers and excursion destinations with a modern and urban world of experience and shopping. Not only those who shop there will benefit from the opening, but also the entire retail location of Tegel. We are looking forward to this", says District Mayor Frank Balzer (CDU).


Photos of the project development


Archive of the project development

  • Archive 2020

    Archive 2020

  • Archive 2019

    Archive 2019

  • Archive 2018

    Archive 2018

    November / December 2018

    Structural work on the south section began in November. Among other things, the first foundations were concreted and the first parts of the exterior walls were constructed. Work on the excavation pit is progressing and completion is scheduled for spring 2019. The expansion of the technical building equipment (refrigeration and heating technology, ventilation and electrical systems) in the north section is progressing further, and the escalators will be installed on the Karstadt site by the end of the year. The drywall construction and sealing of the roof areas have also started.

    October 2018

    In the south section, the groundwater level was lowered to allow civil engineering work to begin. In the north section, the facade design of the Karstadt area on Gorkistraße continues to progress. After completion of the so-called Pfosten-Riegel facade, the natural stone work was started. In addition, the extension from the first floor to the third floor has been finalised.

    September 2018

    After completion of the excavation pit, preparations for the shell construction work (anchoring of the walls, ground drilling with a view to explosive ordnance disposal, completion of the excavation work (excavation and removal of building rubble and soil materials). In the north section, the structural alterations will be carried out up to the first floor (construction of the ceiling cut-outs for escalators and lift shafts) and the drywall work as well as the Expansion of technical building equipment (TGA) commenced.

    August 2018

    In the north section, further work is being carried out on the interior and exterior facades of the building (installation of windows, sealing of ceilings, etc.)

    July 2018

    In the north section of the basement, the floor slabs were concreted and the first columns for carrying the future ceiling on the ground floor are set up. For further work in the pit the construction and installation of a construction crane was carried out. On the parking deck the ceiling on the third floor was concreted. In the South section, the excavation work of the building pit was accomplished. For this purpose, the sides of the excavation pit were covered and obstructed. (sand slide protection).

    June 2018

    The substructure for the natural stone elements on the façade is being installed. In addition, work will begin on increasing the floor level of the parking area. The first of four floor slab sections is concreted. On 8 June 2018, the HGHI lays the foundation stone for the new pedestrian zone. Further information can be found in the press release on the laying of the foundation stone.

    May 2018

    The glazing of the façade continues and the first bricklaying work begins in the basement. The excavation pit is handed over by the civil engineer to the structural engineer, so that he can start the preparatory work for concreting the floor slab. In the Karstadt tenant area, the first shell construction works are carried out, the outer walls on the north facade are bricked and the concrete surface on the roof is renovated and sealed.

    April 2018

    Let there be light! In keeping with the surprisingly springlike weather in April, glazing begins. This is not the only reason why the future Karstadt area is slowly becoming concrete. You slowly get a first impression of what the entrance to the department store will look like.

    March 2018

    It gets high in March: In the 2nd floor several safeguards for the workers are installed. But it also goes at least as deep in the other direction: The core drillings for the concrete cutting work on the elevators are being prepared. Negative temperatures and snow are not necessarily helpful.

    February 2018

    In February, the core is gutted, stripped and excavated. A part of the roof is temporarily opened so that the men can easily transport their building materials to the open construction site by crane. Slowly the façade on Gorkistraße takes shape.

    January 2018

    A large heap of accumulated rubble is disposed of from the parking level on the 2nd floor. In addition, the excavation pit of the new northern building will be excavated. The cold Berlin winter doesn't necessarily make both things easier for the men of construction. Since January, the future Spielothek can also look forward to the start of the installation of the ventilation system. Because the winter is persistent and the installation of the ventilation system is a costly affair, the games library also receives a temporary rain cover.

  • Archive 2017

    Archive 2017

    December 2017

    In the southern part of the pedestrian zone Gorkistraße, the former medical center at Grußdorfstraße will be demolished by the end of March 2018. The bored pile work for the southern part is expected to start at the beginning of March. In the northern part of the pedestrian zone Gorkistraße, the stairway heads are cut to fit exactly where the old TC letters were placed. In the area of new construction north, dewatering was activated.

    November 2017

    In the northern part of the former Tegel Center and along Gorkistraße, the demolition of the facade and gutting work on the existing building of the shopping centre took place in the last weeks and months. The shell construction work, such as column reinforcements and supports as well as foundation underpinning using the high-pressure injection method (HDI) have also already started. The subsoil has been improved and replaced by earth concrete, a mixture of soil and cement slurry. The old multi-storey car park on Buddestraße/Bernstorffstraße was completely demolished and the excavation pit for the new building was created. In the southern part of the complex, the demolition building was gutted and the interim area of Tchibo in the former Hertie house has been completed.

    August 2017

    The building permit for the conversion and extension of the pedestrian zone Gorkistraße was issued by the Berlin-Reinickendorf district authority on 2nd August 2017.

    July 2017

    Due to construction measures, the Buddestraße in Tegel will be closed completely from July 24th 2017 until August 6th (calendar week 30 & 31), leading to traffic-related constraints. The following bus lines are affected by this: Bus 124, 125, 133, 220, 222, N22, N24, N25, N33. Apart from that, the mentioned bus lines run on their usual route. Diversions for the bus lines will be set up.


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