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Tegel Market Hall

The heart of the new pedestrian zone Gorkistraße

Tradition with a new look

Since decades Tegel Market Hall with its distinct charme has been a popular meeting point for young and old, where the personal contact between customers and sellers plays a very important role. Tegel Market Hall is well known even beyond the boundaries of Tegel, attracting many potential clients from other districts of Berlin to Gorkistraße.

The market hall impresses with a versatile mix of tenants and elaborate interior details, resembling food markets of southern countries. Besides fresh groceries like fruit, vegetable, fish and meat there is also a wide range of non-food products like gastronomic services, fashion and more.

The market hall, which looks back on a 100-year tradition, is an important part of the project development and the modernisation of the pedestrian zone Fußgängerzone Gorkistraße / Tegel Quartier. The preservation of the longstanding tradition and simultaneously creating a modern and contemporary atmosphere, have the highest priority during the restructuring measures. Tegel Market Hall will open at its new location in the ground floor presumably in spring 2021.

Interested in leasing a market stand at Tegel Market Hall?

In the following you can find all facts & benefits resumed:

  • Fußgängerzone Gorkistraße / Tegel Quartier and Tegel Market Hall are widely known even beyond the boundaries of district Tegel
  • Around 250,000 potential customers in the direct catchment area
  • Attractive overall mix of tenants: many well-known stores and regional retailers
  • Excellent accessibility by car and by public transport with a car park offering 320 car parking spaces and 200 covered bicycle parking spaces
  • Located at the ground floor with a barrier-free access and two entrances (via Gorkistraße and via Grußdorfstraße)
  • Modern architecture with a bright, open design creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Combining tradition & modernity while being a popular and classical meeting point for young & old
  • Market halls are seeing a trend towards the social desire of less anonymity, rather familiar atmosphere
  • Market halls are the logical consequence of the “Biregna”-trend (“ecological, regional, sustainable”), unifying all aspects in one place

Convinced? Click here to apply for a market stand.

Visualisations: what the future holds

Letting Plan

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